In Loving Memory of Karen Irene Karr November 1, 1953 - April 12, 2010 (Karen I. Karr)


Beloved mother, sister, and one of God’s most loving and generous creations.

 Karen – “Kiki” or “Keeks” to those closest to her – lit up every room she entered, and could lift spirits with her sense of humor.

She accomplished many things in life, including earning a Masters in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago, but her greatest accomplishment was being the best mother possible to her two children, Kyle and Victoria. They were the center of her life to the end, and one of her favorite daily topics.

 Her daily pleasures were simple, but spoke volumes about Karen the woman. She loved cardinals and got much joy each morning watching the couple that had taken up residence in the back yard. She also loved the beach and nature parks. One of her favorite pastimes was to watch manatees when they made their winter home in Blue Springs Park, or to go on excursions to historic districts and quaint locations.  She also loved horses.

 Karen was blessed with a sharp intellect and a gift for words, which she used to convey her deepest thoughts as a writer and a speaker.  Her writing gave her keen mind an outlet, and she exuded charisma when speaking to groups.

 She had a talent for art and decoration, using her exquisite taste to decorate a home, a garden or even a handmade card (which was another of her joys during Christmas.)

 Karen ran a tight household, and would cook or bake at the drop of the hat.  She could work magic in the kitchen and was renown for her perfect turkey, which was always a golden brown on the outside and moist and delectable inside.

 Home to Karen - the home in her heart - was Hudson, Wisconsin and the time during which she lived there. She often spoke of that place and time, and sometimes teared up when she did. It was a magic time for her, as I am sure it was for Ed, Kyle and Victoria.

 Music was one of her passions, and was a constant in her life.




She thoroughly enjoyed Indian cuisine: her favorite dish was Palak Paneer.  Indeed, she loved a wide variety of foods from numerous cultures and styles.


 She literally touched the lives of everyone with whom she came into contact. For those of us who were fortunate enough to get closer, she left a deep and lasting impression that reflected her charisma.

 Karen was a beautiful woman as the photos attest.  Her physical beauty, however, was greatly exceeded by her inner beauty.  We who knew and loved her (and if you knew her it was axiomatic that you loved her) saw her willful side and her gentle, humorous side. One balanced the other.  


She will be missed greatly, but she will be remembered fondly and lovingly. Those of us who she left behind are fortunate to have known her, and each of us are left with her example of generosity of spirit, what it means to love, and cherished memories of this extraordinary woman and human being.

As a saved Christian Karen is now at peace and with her Lord and Savior.  It is a peace she so richly deserves. 

 Karen dearest, thank you for touching our lives and showing us the meaning of love and generosity. You will be missed, but you will never be forgotten.


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